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The online stores built on Magento are mostly valued for their flexibility and easiness in use. The store navigation is the most important part as it is used by customers to find the necessary products on your site. GoMage Advanced Navigation is designed to optimize and improve navigation of your online Magento store. Ajax filter integration allows your customers to filter unnecessary categories, attributes, and products to find what they are looking for quickly. GoMage Advanced Navigation with integrated Ajax filters refreshes selected data promptly allowing your customers to enjoy shopping rather than waiting for the entire page to refresh. You can choose the place in which the attribute filters will be shown and fully control the functionality and design of the filters, category blocks and the top menu block. You can adjust the navigation view to the design of your theme, enable responsive design or use standard Magento navigation for the mobile version of your store. Open source code of the extension allows you modify the functionality and design with almost no limits if you are a skilled web developer.
Learn more details about GoMage Advanced Navigation: Magento Navigation at (
The extension is fully compatible with the newest Magento versions CE 1.9 and EE 1.14.

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